February 23, 2013

LabVIEW - ardunio interface and image processing

LabVIEW Interface for Arduino Toolkit

I have started learning about LabVIEW at the uni. I made some search on it, and find some interesting stuff. First of all, it has an add-on for arduino and it isn't so hard to use it, thanks to that video:
So now I have a nice interface for my arduino, but it's still a little bit new and complicated for me to program in LabVIEW, so I'm going to stay with the original C++ coding. But it's going to be a cool example, when I'll make a presentation with my friend about serial communication in LabVIEW.

Image processing with LabVIEW

I have a big project about a shooting gallery, and for this project I need an image processing method with webcam and computer. First I thought about MATLAB, and found some very interesting videos, but afterwards I wondered, what if LabVIEW can also do this for me. And I found a video, which make my project a lot simpler:
With this tutorial I've made the half of my project in one day. There was only 2 problems during the process: first I can't find a VI, what he had used, so I googled on that and find out, it's part of an add-on  so I downloaded it. The other problem comes out, when I start to configure the Vision Assistant. It complained about my screen size/resolution. I've tried to change the resolution, but it didn't help. Finally I had to change the taskbar  to autohide to make it work. At the end I finished up here:
As you can see it sees and marks the middle of the target and the laser dot.
Now I only have to make the gun. It's a little bit complicated, because when you press the button the light should show up only for 0.1-0.2 second, and I'd like to solve it without an arduino, only with simple circuit elements. I'm going to see, what I can do.

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