February 23, 2013

Scrapyard, or how to get cool stuff for free

Today I just realized, I've slept over a goldmine for years :D Because every time we bought a new car radio, or a new printer we didn't throw away the old one, just put it under my bed. So today I took out and disassembled 3 radios, and found many useful stuff. 
First of all I got 3 DC(?) motors, which used to spin the tape. I googled one of those and found that it's operating on 13.5 V. But it's working on 5 V too, so I can use them for my arduino projects.
I've also got several capacitors (2200 μF, 3300  μF, 220 μF) from the IC, and variable capacitors  variable resistor from the volume adjustments and some buttons from the front cover. I have to test them before use, but I'm sure, they're worth the effort.
So look under your bed or on your attic or basement, maybe you can find some broken devices which has useful stuff inside.

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PS.: Here's some picture about the disassemble and the stuff I found:

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